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MorningDove Policies & Contracts


Most puppies in a litter will be best suited to a companion or performance home, depending on temperament and drive. These puppies do not meet our high standards for the show ring/breeding. However, they are wonderful, healthy companions and may compete in performance sports such as obedience, rally, agility, and dock diving. Companion puppies are available from MorningDove Aussies on a spay/neuter contract with a health guarantee and lifetime support. Companion puppies are $2500.


Show prospect puppies meet the breed standard closely and could be successful in the show ring.  Show prospect puppies are placed with a written agreement & health guarantee, are CKC registered, are eligible for registration with AKC & ASCA, and are co-owned by MorningDove until health clearances are accomplished. Show prospect puppies are priced by private agreement.

How Do I Get a MorningDove Puppy?

MorningDove litters are infrequent and special, so reserving well ahead is generally a good idea. Each litter is well planned and carefully done, and each puppy is very special. We hope for a special home for each puppy we bring into the world.


After you've completed our questionnaire, you can expect some email correspondence and a telephone conversation as part of the interview process to help both parties determine whether it's a good fit. MorningDove encourages a visit to our premises if possible. A non-refundable $200 deposit will secure you a place in our reservation list. This deposit will be deducted from the purchase price of the puppy.


Companion pups are $2500. Pricing and contracts for show prospect pups are by private agreement.


MorningDove puppies are placed based on suitability and purpose, rather than by colour and/or gender.  While we understand that you may have a specific colour or gender preference, it's not our primary concern when matching owners and puppies. Puppies are evaluated at 7-8 weeks of age for temperament and structure and from there, we determine what type of home each individual puppy is best suited for. Because of this, we cannot guarantee a particular puppy's availability before 8 weeks of age. If this is a struggle for a potential home to wait until 8 weeks of age, we encourage finding a breeder with different placement standards. MorningDove reserves the right to not place a puppy in a home for whatever reason.


All pups are registered with CKC and are eligible to be registered with ASCA and AKC; are vet checked at 8 weeks; are microchipped; receive their first set of immunizations no earlier than 8 weeks; are wormed a minimum of four times with Strongid T; have their eyes checked by a board-certified canine ophthalmologist before they leave to check for inherited eye problems; come with a 3-year written guarantee and lifetime support. We encourage keeping in touch, via FaceBook, emails, telephone, and puppy reunions.


Puppies are home-raised and are exposed to children and cats. Beginning at 6 weeks they are exposed to a variety of sights, sounds, textures, and other animals on our property. This means that they will start their lives well handled and socialized. Puppies are temperament tested in different situations and environments to help us assess their approach to the world.


For more information, reach out to MorningDove Aussies on the Contact page.



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